Will things ever be the same?

With the middle of summer approaching & COVID cases spiking again I've been tempted to wonder if I made the right choice a year ago to venture off into full time twisting, storytelling & magic. Well, though tempted, I have not fallen prey to this lie!

For the moment not much is happening on the entertaining side of things, but plenty is happening in production prep, learning new twisting skills & magic tricks!

This may hang with us until a vaccine is found & we can get back to normalcy as parties & events go, but in the meantime folks are still going to want entertainment!

Just as we entertainers are having to rethink how to bring this to our customers, parents, schools, libraries & other organizations are rethinking how to entertain their children! And not just for children! A fellow entertainer from North Carolina just booked a Balloon Twisting Workshop with a company in Utah. Balloon kits will be sent to the company & they'll hook up on ZOOM to learn some balloon shapes! (great stress relieving activity which I also offer). Already we've invested time (and money) into virtual shows & recorded shows learning how to make them just as fun & interesting as a live show.

Living rooms & bedrooms have been changed into recording studios, with green screens & other equipment. Non-techies are learning how to film & edit videos, work with ZOOM & FB forums & gather the right equipment to make this happen. Much discussion has been going on in forums, FB sites & ZOOM meetings discussing how we can better serve our communities during this time.

When this is all over we will be able to offer more to our customers than before. New opportunities that we did not bother with before-Virtual programs for hospitals where kids are not able to receive visitors, rural folks can now a birthday party magic show, and not just in our areas, we can do shows for families in other parts of the world.

In the meantime entertainers will continue to create & adapt to the present situation! Our hope is that parents & these other institutions will adapt with us & not give up on bringing the entertainment to the children. There is still a lot of fun to be had even though we are in a lock down.

Stay safe! Stay aware! Stay confident that this WILL pass. A friend of Mark Twain once asked him, while they were watching the rain pour down from the sky, "Do you think it will stop?" Twain replied, "It always has before." So, this, too, will pass! Until then, try something virtual, aside from bringing some fun, interactive entertainment to your kids, family &/or workers, it will also support us entertainers during this downturn!

Take care!

Mr. Mark

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