Ready for Summer!

Summer is here & people are already starting to book parties and shows! Great News!

With special planning I'll be starting to do twisting & magic at birthday parties & events. All are being done with safe distancing in mind & I wear a mask & gloves.

It's all interactive, still, even the magic! One Mom booked me for a "drive-by" event in which I will be passing out pre-made balloons to the passing parade of her friends & their siblings! Another library will go "on with the show" live or virtually, depending how things are in August.

I'm using collapsible laundry hampers to drop the balloons in at a safe distance away for the children to pick up and a grabber arm thingy will be used to do some of the magic with the kids. (It'll be a bit hard to pick up Henry, the Flea for his trick, but we'll manage!)

So go ahead and plan your party, just keep safe distancing (and masks) in mind when your planning it! The sooner we get over this pandemic, the better!

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