Library Summer Reading programs

Updated: May 25, 2020

With the virus, many of the libraries have canceled their live summer programs. This has been a big hit to a lot of us entertainers.

However...we have adapted! Many of us have gone VIRTUAL! Using Zoom and other platforms has allowed us to still come to the patrons of the libraries. Some of these shows (like mine) are still very interactive & count on the children to make it a more entertaining!

I offer Storytelling with Balloons! The big change is that instead of the children being able to do the acting with the balloon props, I am the actor,changing "hats" as the character changes. The kids still get to respond, make sound effects and enjoy a fun story, as a part of their library program.

Below is a 2 minute video clip of what I'm offering. You are more than welcome to present it to your local library! (or home school group, dance group or anyone looking to bring a fun interactive activity to their organization)

And there is more! How about a magic show for your daycare. These can be done virtually, as well! The show is geared towards children 3 or 4 and up! Lots of involvement and action to keep them entertained!

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