It's been a while...

No, I haven't shut down my operations. I've been busier than ever the last several months. Folks are so happy to be partying again! I'm sure you are, too!

During the last year I've been honing my magic skills and have come up with a very fun and entertaining show.

Balloon Storytelling got off the ground and several libraries and daycares were able to enjoy The 3 Little Pigs and The Lion and the Mouse. Great interactive fun for everyone.

You may see me around town at Market Square when there is a special event, at Dave and Buster's most Friday and Saturday Nights, as well as the San Antonio Gov Health dept events. The Dominion has started up their events again. One woman had seen me at a birthday party the day before and again at the Bonfire event at the Dominion.

I do get around!

I'm available for fairs, birthdays, and festivals of all kinds! Or a business celebration!

Contact me!

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