Evolution of an Idea!

Updated: May 25, 2020

I'll admit, yesterday was tough. I got off to a good start, well, not really... I tore some skin at the top of 2 of my fingers while watering my garden. (Fun hobby, BTW!) It bled & it hurt. To top it off it was on my "tying" fingers. OUCH! I had some household things to take care of, but when the afternoon rolled around and I had finished watching a webinar on school shows, I was in a funk! I needed to rehearse...no UMPH! After 2 months the "quarantine blues", which I had been staving off pretty well until now, hit me! It was hot out, too, 100° and still in May! I piddled around & busied my self with little tasks, but not tackling the ones I needed to do.

Dinner rolled around & I still wasn't getting too much done, plus, my fingers were still really bothering me! No More! After dinner I forced myself into getting creative. Someone had asked for a large dog design to learn during our Zoom Balloon Jam we do weekly! Well, I'm not much of a creator, and use many designs that other's have created, but I decided to make this one my own creations!

"The only art I'll ever study is stuff I can steal from"-David Bowie

"If you copy from one author, it's plagiarism. If you copy from many, it's research!"-Wilson Mizner

In the balloon world, most of the artists happily share their art with those in the business, are are happy to let others use them, if we are giving credit to whom it is due. Not to say they don't sell tutorials via video, classes or PDFs, but there are plenty of free offerings out there. I have invested in courses that have helped me take my balloons, magic & performing to another level and it's been well worth it.(Okay, that's a whole other evolution for another time...)

I looked at pics on Google and FB, but what finally got my attention was the pug. I've always wanted to make a pug that looked like a pug, not just passed for a pug. (Thank you to all you customers that enthusiastically accept renditions that are less than perfect than the actual character or animal! You are too generous!) There were several there and I spent the time following a YouTube video and made a real cute pug. But it wasn't quite "it". Someone else's design almost had it, but still came up short to what I was looking for. Both of these balloon artists are TOPS in the field and I could not have come up with what I did without their help! So I combined them! The sore puffy fingers didn't make it easy, but I pushed through and made a couple that were pretty good.

I went to bed feeling like I had accomplished something and was no longer in the doldrums!

To be continued...

The next morning I got off to a much better start! While eating breakfast I came across a Facebook post from Balloon Artist College. BAC is experimenting with putting up daily broadcasts of a lesson from BAC-BAC TV! It was all about creativity-just what I needed!

After, carefully, watering the garden, I went into my studio and started working on reworking the pug a little and came up with the one in the middle as my final.

During this time I was watching more of the "full" creativity class-lots of great ideas! It got those juices flowing!

What followed was from a lesson on looking at dog toys at the store to get ideas of how many different ways you can make some animal. It's amazing how many ideas you find. Then their was one about looking at figurines at Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Hallmark. Again, lots of ideas.

This reminded me of some sculptures I helped produce of a famous sculptor, Malcolm Moran. I worked as a teen at a studio that reproduced his sculptures. I recently found out my sister met and was influenced by this same man! (By the way, if you happen to visit Carmel-by-the-Sea check out her shop. https://www.facebook.com/RobinsJewelryCarmel/)

His sculptures reminded me of a balloon sculpture I saw at a convention last year. I was really impressed by the cleanness of it. And all this came about because of an operation on my thumb, thus not getting a job at Firestone when I was a teen, getting this other job where I worked on these sculptures. Fast forward to now and this is what I came up with!

Green screen has added a lot of fun to my posts!

I hope to continue to create more in the future and not just rely on others' designs. Although I will rely on their creativeness to inspire my creativity and the evolution of my art!

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