Blessings during the COVID pandemic?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

An FB post I placed on The Quest by Annie Banannie Balloon storytelling site. You may not understand much of it, but it is good insight to how we can make our time worth it, in spite of our circumstances!

This might seem an odd comment. I was booked for a few storytelling shows this summer, but...

Well, because of... I was able to get a lot of education from others in the form of directing(Danny Schlesinger), and comments from others that viewed my show (Napolean, John, Chad), as well as KIDABRA & several books I invested in (Silly Billy, Barry Mitchell, and Tim Hanig), acting lessons, not to mention the phenomenal info on Kids Entertainer Academy & Balloon Artist College. I've also taken advantage of the free coaching program KEA offers with a peer, and that has helped both of us (me and the peer).

All that to say, I'm GLAD things were postponed. Instead of my show being just okay, I think it will be much improved when I finally get to do something. I feel this will make a big difference in reviews I'll get right out of the starting gate.

Yes, a blessing because of the COVID pandemic.

I hope others have been fortunate enough to be able to do the same. I took advantage of this time & thankfully didn't slip into binge-watching, game playing & general lethargy(Okay, well, I'll admit I did have my days. Thankfully they were few.)

I had a lot of other things to take care of, too, so it wasn't like I was 24/7 working on it, but when I wasn't busy in the yard, remodeling, shopping, transporting my daughter, garden, the regular "honey-dos", cooking, dishes, etc... I would make time to "get 'er done"! (I do take a day or so off every week, took time off for grandkids, do watch a little TV here and there, and a few pet projects. After all, "all work and no play makes a very dull person & even a worse one to be around!")

BTW, I have my first virtual storytelling show next week! It will be for a children's book release. The woman just wanted a balloon twisting show, but when I told her about storytelling with balloons she got really excited. I made a few little changes & additions to my Lion & Mouse story & am working on the final touches.

Thanks to KEA & BAC for all the info on Storytelling & virtual shows! & Magic, as I throw in a couple tricks in my show that I learned in the Build your own Magic Show course. Even OBS is something I never would have learned. Great for Zoom shows!(see virtual shows for more info)

I hoped to have 2 polished stories, as well as renditions of them for Christmas & Halloween, soon!

So, take advantage of this free time, if you can! It's a chance in a lifetime for some of us! I'm sure this would probably only be half true, if that, if my circumstances were different. Uncle Sam & Sam Houston (Texas) have been paying the bills and setting up my business last year I had a good stash in there that allowed me to make some important purchases-classes, materials, books PA system, laptop, etc...

Thinking & praying for all you not so fortunate! We'll be back full steam ahead before we know it! Don't give up!

Thanks, Annie & Ziv, and those I mentioned & forgot to mention! We are blessed with so much material & input from others!

(and forgive my ramblings!)

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