And so it Begins-My Life as a Balloon Twister!

Updated: May 25, 2020

I've procrastinated about a lot of things over the years, but usually I've always gotten around to doing whatever it was I was procrastinating about-"honey-dos", fix-its, personal projects, etc... Blogging about my work (actually more fun than work) is one of those things. I wasn't sure if it was worth my time/money to share my adventure with you, my (future) clients.

Well, here I go! It's been put off too long & there has been so much happening since I started into this as a full time balloon twister/entertainer/balloon artist/magician/storyteller one year ago!

The brief:

November '18-After over 25 years in balloon twisting I started listening to podcasts in my industry & checking out FB pages on balloon twisting. (Kids Entertainer Hub, in particular.)

December '18-Bought my first balloon tutorial, SMASH. A life sized superhero costume by Christopher Lyle

January '19-Another tutorial-Matt Falloon, from Australia.

February '19-Joined Kids Entertainer Academy

March '19-A life changer. Enrolled in a Balloon Storytelling course, with Annie Banannie.

There's a clip of a show at

April '19-Resigned from job as school bus driver. I loved my kids but I found that I didn't have enough time to devote to my growing business & education.

May '19-Added a Balloon Workshop to the mix.

What followed was more training, practice balloon storytelling shows, learning new magic & finessing my magic show, lots of twisting over the summer months, more parties and events than I could handle, thus allowing me to employ other artists, October was crazy(book early, if you need an October event), lots of marketing advice and implementing it.

2020 was looking very promising with libraries booked for the summer with my Balloon Storytelling show, parties & events lining up, joining Balloon Artist College, learning & implementing what I learned...It goes on...until...COVID-19...

Thankfully, because of the new business, we've been able to ride the wave of EVERYTHING being shut down & no work. I've been able to work on a lot of projects, learn a lot of new balloons & techniques, hosted balloon jams over ZOOM with fellow balloon artists, lots of webinars and...created a VIRTUAL magic show & balloon storytelling show.

All this should have been blogged about in more detail, but what can I say. I hope to keep y'all updated weekly (or so) with all that is going on.

I'll be posting on my FB site more, also. (

&, hopefully will be coming to your house via live feed or an actual party, if things start returning to normal.

Stay in touch!

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